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General Legal Advice, General Debt Collection, Antenuptial/Cohabitation Agreements, Divorce, Sectional Title & Home Owner Association Levy Collection, Sectional Title Conduct Demands, Liquid Petroleum Gas Industry, and more...

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The firm believes in using technology as available and e-mail consultations are possible. Enquiries by e-mail are encouraged to quickly determine if the firm can be of assistance. Submit new instructions - simply and easily online.

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At the offices of the Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, during the hate-speech saga of the infamous Pastor Steven Anderson in 2016. The firm acted for Gay SA Radio, the applicant in the successful Application to have the pastor banned from SA.

Radio Interviews

With what has happened in Orlando, Coenie Kukkuk talks about the dangers inherent in urban and rural South Africa for members of the LGBT communities. Despite our liberal Constitution this is really the deepest darkest Africa many people fear.

Featured Areas of Practice

General Legal Advice

We will assist clients with commercial queries, financial matters and legal advice related to civil queries.

General Debt Collection

We assist private persons and businesses in the event of monies being owed to them in terms of goods or services delivered or in terms of agreements or due to any breaches thereof.

Antenuptial / Cohabitation Agreements

We will assist clients with their ante- and postnuptial agreements as well as cohabitation agreements. This includes a consultation wherein all available.


Our services cover the broad spectrum of divorces, including unopposed or “friendly divorces”, opposed or “acrimonious” divorces and divorce mediation – for either the Applicant or the Respondent.

Sectional Title & Home Owner Association Levy Collection

At the behest of Managing Agents or Body Corporates, we attend to the collection of arrear levies which are mandated in terms of the Sectional Title Act.

Sectional Title Conduct Demands

We assist Body Corporates and Managing Agents in enforcing the prescribed rules of conduct – this includes assisting our clients with related aspects such as the eviction of transgressing parties as well as the collection of penalties and fines issued due to non-compliance.

Sectional Title and Home Owner Association Interdicts against the City Councils

We assist Body Corporates, Home Owners Associations and Managing Agents with Interdicts against the City Councils to reconnect electricity or water when these have been disconnected when there was wrongful overcharge or wrongful action by the council or to bar the Council to disconnect where they threaten to do so. We also assist with Mediation through NERSA

Liquid Petroleum Gas Industry

We have built up extensive knowledge in the Liquid Petroleum Gas or LPG industry. We assist clients with all related issues, such as the unlawful filling of LPG cylinders, matters relating to the so-called “rogue” businesses and the unlawful collection and retention of cylinders.
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About Us

Coenie Kukkuk has been practicing for over twenty years, having become well-known for his collections practice - especially levy collections for Home Owners Associations and Body Corporates, Divorce and Civil Unions, as well as the rights of LGBTI people and Ante-Nuptial (or Marriage) Contracts in South Africa, having written articles on the subject of Civil Unions for publications.

He has practiced as Hurly & Kukkuk Inc. from 1990 - 2002 and from 2002 - 2009 as a director at WBVD Inc., where he was head of the Magistrate's Court and Litigation Department. Since 2009, he is again practicing for his own account as Coenraad Kukkuk Attorneys from home office in Lynnwood Ridge Pretoria.

The firm believes in using technology as available and e-mail consultations are possible. Enquiries by e-mail are encouraged to quickly determine if the firm can be of assistance.

A reduced-fee first consultation makes it easier to assess the needs of a client, where after a matter is taken on or not.

Coenie Kukkuk is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa and has been practicing for more than twenty years. He was also a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court and was on that bench for more than 10 years. He is admitted to the High Court of South Africa. He practices in Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria from his home office.

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