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#Beloftebos: Discrimination in the hospitality industry against same-sex couples : Radio 702 podcast of our interview


Ons bespreek die uitspraak van die Hoë Hof dat die Strafproseswet die publikasie van minderjarige getuies en aangeklaagdes in strafsake se identiteit net belet totdat hulle 18 jaar oud is.




‘I must have the right to choose suicide. Even if I’m not sick. Surely that’s a Human Right?’ Attorney Coenie Kukkuk hosted by Dr Ivor Blumenthal for Radio Today



Pretoria FM Onderhoud 10.04.17 MP3 – Click Here to download, or listen below:

Here Coenie discusses the new developments regarding the legalisation of marijuana



Interview with Coenie Kukkuk talking Discrimination of Lesbian Couple on Date Night


Full podcast of Radio Today Johannesburg: Interview answering so-called Pastor Steven L Anderson . What happens when Government sides with a racist, homophobic, anti-semite over its own electorate?



With what has happened in Orlando, Coenie Kukkuk talks about the dangers inherent in urban and rural South Africa for members of the LGBT communities. Despite our liberal Constitution this is really the deepest darkest Africa many people fear.


Gigaba decision sets important precedent for ‘targeted’ groups – lawyer (from 2:58)



South Africa is the only country in the world to host Mr Gay World twice, first in Johannesburg and come the second of May, will be hosted in Knysna. Joining CNBC Africa to give more insight into the event and its impact on the local economy is Coenie Kukkuk, Mr Gay World director for Africa & Middle East; Knysna tourism CEO, Greg Vogt; Mr Gay South Africa 2015 Craig Maggs and 2013 Mr Gay World winner Christopher Olwage.