‘How we stopped American anti-gay pastor’ – Boksburg resident

Anderson gained notoriety over his homophobic comments after the Orlando nightclub shooting and subsequent numerous anti-gay tirades.

He planned to visit South Africa on a “soul winning mission”.

However, local Abrie Viljoen, who is in the property business, Pretoria-based lawyer Coenie Kukkuk and Gay Radio SA’s Hendrik Baird would have none of it.

On July 8, the trio initiated a petition on Change.org and Allout.org to prevent Anderson from setting foot in the country.

The petition gathered 60 000 signatures.

They also compiled information which they used as evidence in a legal argument presented to Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaga, to banish Anderson from entering the country.

Kukkuk put the case together and the dossier was handed to Gigaba.

Viljoen said banning Anderson “is a huge win not only for the LGBTI community, but for South Africa as a whole”.

He said the American pastor’s teachings are a lot deeper than just being anti-gay.

“That man is anti-Semitic, anti-Muslims and a threat to women’s rights – he preaches racism, hate incitement and is against the government, as well.”

On behalf of his team, Viljoen thanked the South African residents and business community for coming out to help to stop Anderson.

“A big thank you to businesses such as Premier Hotel, Holiday Inn, Spur, Festival Mall, Wimpy, Sugacube and Elridge Shopping Centre for banning him from their facilities,” said Viljoen.

He added that it was heartwarming to see South Africans pulling together against Anderson.

He also applauded Gigaba for “handling the matter like a pro”.

He added that it was not just Anderson who was banned but a group of four people who share his sentiments and beliefs.

Anderson was also deported from Botswana on September 20.

The pastor was apparently busy spouting his anti-gay message on a Botswana radio station when immigration officers entered the studios and escorted him out.

The Botswana government also announced, via Twitter, that Anderson is now considered a “prohibited immigrant”.

Anderson had planned a “meeting” at Elridge Corner Shopping Centre on September 18.

Source: http://boksburgadvertiser.co.za/278008/how-we-stopped-american-anti-gay-pastor-boksburg-resident/